Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup

So I've never actually had this soup at Chili's, but this recipe it is so good!  The cilantro lime guacamole really adds to it, don't skip it!

Recipe adapted from: 52 Ways to Cook

2 Cups Chicken Stock
1 tsp Ground Cumin
2 tsp Chili Powder
1 tsp Fresh ground Black pepper
1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper
2 tsp garlic powder
1 pint enchilada sauce
12 Corn tortilla Chips (soup thickener)
1 Cup Frozen Corn, thawed by running hot water while straining
1 pint black beans
2 Cups Meat from a Rotisserie Chicken (I used one pint of canned chicken)

8 OZ Colby Jack Cheese, grated
8 OZ Cheddar Cheese, grated  

1 cup half and half
Juice of 1/2 a Lime
Salt and Pepper to Taste
Garnish with Sour Cream, Cilantro Lime Guacamole and crunchy Tortilla Strips

This is a crock pot recipe made in two stages. First can cook all day while the final stage will take an hour before it is ready to serve... First, set your crock pot to high.

Put chicken stock, enchilada sauces, spices, corn, crushed chips and beans in crock pot.  Stir and place on high for about 3 hours.

Add the cheeses and stir to combine and allow to melt (about 20 minutes set on high)

Add the juice of 1/2 a lime.  Serve warm garnished with sour cream, Cilantro Lime G
uacamole, and crumbled chips.

Strawberry Danish Dessert

This is a recipe I got from my mom years ago...many years ago, it is one of the first recipes I got from her and I have held on to it and used it many, many times.  So I was surprised that I couldn't find it on my blog today when I went to make it.  So I dusted off my old recipe box and dug it out....

1 pkg strawberry kool-aid (or another flavor if you want to change the flavor)
1 cup sugar
4 Tbsp cornstarch

Mix all together in a heavy pan.  *Make sure all lumps are out before adding water!

Add 1 3/4 cups water and bring to a boil.  Stir continuously!  When desired thickness is reached remove from heat, this only takes a few minutes!  Stir in strawberries (or other fruit of your choice). 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easy No Bake Cheesecake

This is one of John's favorite desserts, and it's perfect for summer because it is cool and refreshing and does not need any baking.

1 graham cracker crust
2 pkgs. cream cheese, room temperature
1 8 oz tub cool whip
1 cup powdered sugar
a splash of lemon juice, optional but it tastes great!
Fruit topping of your choice, we like strawberry

Beat cream cheese until smooth, mix in cool whip, powdered sugar, and lemon juice.  Blend until smooth and well mixed.  Pour into graham cracker crust and top with fruit topping of your choice. Refrigerate until set. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Bunny Cupakes

My kids loved these Easter cupcakes the most, the bunnies turned out super cute! 

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting topped with M&M eyes and large heart sprinkle for the nose.  Then I cut some bunny ears out of cardstock and tucked them into the frosting. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter M&M carrot cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes with white vanilla frosting and a simple carrot shape made out of M&Ms. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Chick Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes topped with yellow frosting, then rolled in yellow colored sugar.  Then topped with colored M&Ms and a couple of squirts of frosting for the wings.