Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kitchen Tools Tuesday

Pie Crust Rolling Mat

I saw this idea at a craft show...and wanted one, but I knew I could easily make one, so I did! Actually I made several and used them for Christmas gifts one year in pie making kits...I kept 2 for myself.

I picked up the plastic at our local fabric store. It comes in a variety of thicknesses. I chose a thicker one. Then I made a circle slightly bigger than my pie pan (cut 2) and left a notch in one spot to stitch the 2 pieces together (although I don't think it is necessary, you could just keep it in 2 pieces) So start with your dough in the middle: Notice how you don't have to flour it?

Then with a couple of quick rolls with the rolling pin:

Then you peel back one layer of plastic, lay your crust on your pan and peel off the other layer of plastic: Now you form your crust in your pan (make a top crust if needed) and quickly clean up your mess by wiping the mat off.

Now enjoy that pie!

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