Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kitchen Tools Tuesday

Do you know what this is?
It's awesome. Since cleaning is a big part of cooking, at least it is at my house...this little tool is so handy! After using it, I ordered some more so I have 3 in my drawer next to my sink. This little thing scrapes off all hardened and burnt food in a breeze. I have trained my 6 year old to use it when she wipes down the dining room chairs. It seems the kids are always dropping bits of food that need scrubbed off, and she can do it quickly with this. Have you ever had Life cereal dry on your table?? It is awful stuff when dried, but this takes it right off. I clean pans faster, too. It's made for my stoneware, but I use it all over when I clean. It has saved me a lot of time scrubbing, so I have more time for other things...like blogging :)


  1. YES!!!!! I have 3 on the back of my sink, too! I LOVE that thing! And I've got my dad hooked on them, too. Great for scrubbing off dried oatmael. Yuck.

  2. what the name of it? I want one!

  3. they are called "nylon pan scrapers" I've seen knock off brands at some stores, but I'm not sure how they compare to the "pampered chef brand". You'd LOVE having one though (or three) :)