Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I'm visiting with one of my friends this morning, and she tells me that she saw my blog featured on Ucreate Foods....and I'm like "what???" So I come home take a look and sure enough...I'm on there and didn't even know. Then I'm more surprised to find a comment from someone finding my blog through Ucreate Foods and 6 followers!

So if you're visiting my should know that started this blog for selfish reasons. It created a place to keep all of my recipes in one place with the easy option of copy and paste and now a great search tool from google. Plus, I no longer needed to print my recipes and try to remember where I put them or how to file them....because my huge binder of collected recipes took a drop to the floor one day and I just didn't want to spend time reorganizing I started typing them up as well.

I LOVE to cook, but it's satifying to have my family love it, so I put my hubby's ratings so I can remember how much he likes different things or when I see a new recipe to try, I can see how it compares to other things he likes before making it.

I have SUPER picky kids....with changing likes and dislikes, so I don't let them rate every recipe. But they know what a blog is and why I take pictures of food and my 3 year old has told me he want to "eat blog". So I'm not sure if he quite understands it all yet.

My recipes will get edited. As I learn better ways to cook and retry some recipes, I will edit how we like it expect changes sometimes. I always try to give credit where credit is due, but I do alter recipes to my style of cooking and my families likes, so feel free to check out the original source of the recipe.

Enjoy....I sure enjoy other food blogs and have learned a ton from all the awesome directions and pictures!!

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  1. I'm another U-Creat foods referral! I was officially follower #3! LOL I spent 2 nights looking through all of your great recipes & bookmarked several of them to try out on MY picky eaters. I look forward to finding more wonderful ideas from your kitchen. Feel free to pop by my food blog: